Listen to this call

How I talk with my friends
Friend : Hello
Me : Hello .. Hi .. How are you .. 
Friend : yes fine, how are you.
M : fine, any issues?
F : yeah… Bla bla bla
M : oh my god ……. 
Any defects for it?
F: sorry
M : I meant any problem by it
F: of course
M : ohh which team do you think responsible for it?
F: what
M: because of whom this happened
F: bla bla bla
M: ohh then assigne it to them, don’t forget to send mail
F: you talking to me?
M: yes, hello oh I think our communication have some problem. I will send you minutes of meeting anyway
F: what you will send?
M: OK I think we got solution for our problem
F: what is that
M :I will send a mail , cc ing  my manager
F: what? Who is that? Why
M: OK, can you please send live meeting , I will explain
F : bye , I think you need counselling
M: thanks for your call , I will update the status by EOD

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