Sh…. Silence…. He is on the mission

World worships , loves heroes more than god !!. Yes, it is surprising truth. Heroes are like role model to society, unreached dreams of society. All stories gives a hero , if that story is epic then that hero becomes god. You can say all gods are heroes of course but not the other way round.
Once there is a hero now also he remains in people heart. This article is dedicated for him. You will guess that hero as you reading or you will track him to see is he really worth this article?…. OK let’s start.
He is a greatest detective that world have ever known. He plays with his case and enjoy that. He is a greatest human analyst and prediction is amazing. His statements will surely spell bound you. He thinks in such a way you can’t even imagined that exists.
There are many actors who became heroes after played his role. He is super human who have updated version of mind,heart and soul. Exceptionally brilliant and in same note stupid. Because he doesn’t know that earth is in solar system but he knows supernova why when how happens. He is not just data collector but he is observant and practitioner of that observations.
Becoming a fan to him is a privilege. Cherishing in his presence is a luck. Sir Arthur Canon Doyle I must say thanking you is not enough for introducing such personality to the world. Ohh I forgot you dear Watson!! I love you .. I love how you manage your genius friend . You are actually a perfect companion. 40% of his credit is from your pocket. You are the pen that written his name in gold.


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