Simpallag ond love letter


Heart wants to talk but how a brain can communicate? Still words are trying hard to convey feelings to you. Please receive this carefully, each line have my life in it, instead of just words.

Biggest luxury anyone can ever have is a own world . I thought we lived in a beautiful dream for a while, where we were happy and content. I got to know it is real when there is no sleep but dream continued. Every thing got over in one day when evil eye fell on this. After that, I am missing you or I am missing myself. Life is missing in living.

As you know , when we are walking on road a heavy rain may try to stop us we won’t stop there only …. we will reach our destination what ever it comes on our path.

I am just few steps from you and waiting to welcome you. Come, lets make our life beautiful I will assure you to gift happiest moments and a supporting hands to relay in our journey.

This day is not at all special if you are not with me . . and everyday is special if you are with me ..

Tear is the most costliest liquid which has 1% of water and remaining all feelings. My eyes are blurred now by this I need your presence to clear my view..
please come back before I become full blind.

-Love Forever

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