‘Lagaan’ under microscope

A Bollywood milestone Lagaan – Once upon time in India movie. This movie flow inspires a lot . This artical is a try to point out main traits of Bhuvan as in path of success .
path to victory
1.Attitude which can be defined as you with yourself. when you feel comfortable and confident  with you then a you win a biggest battle within you. this requires a logical thinking positive thoughts, courage and knowledge.
2.Open for the good changes:
we should have courage to think in different way which deviates from convention. imagination and ideas should have such a freedom which never bounded by any negative traits this takes out of box thinking or a free peaceful mind.
3.hope: irrespective of any situation we should hope for good or we never loose hope. In any darkest place eyes should search for a ray of light or it should generate little light to travel. Hope defines everything in odd situation. it requires a strong mind and endless energy.
4.humanity: after all force put by humans there is something which will go wrong in crowd. hence a  great character required to win human heart this helps in unity.
5.devotion: above all to achieve these there is source of energy which keeps us strong and calm . we should be so humble to that source then it leads miracles.

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