Caste System in Human K(M)ind

Still we can sense Caste System which laid by our ancestors. This system divided human kind or human mind in to 4 divisions and these divisions associated with certain jobs and intern ways to get mukthi or ultimate destiny which is known as MukthiMarga.


Let us see Caste System

Caste Job to accomplish Mukthi Marga
Kshatriya Ruling,Responsibility,Fight Rajayoga
Brahmana Learning, teaching Jnanayoga
Vaishya Business Bhakthiyoga
Shudra Labor Karmayoga

Above casts are based on birth which is obviously not in our hands. Let us see which cast we can take not by birth or chioce instead just by belief.

It can be Kshatria by taking responsibility of a family , society and fighting for justice. By this way we can accomplish our life . But a Kshatria cannot be complete with out knowledge which you get by being a Brahmana . So lets get true wisdom and spread this wisdom as Brahamana. For a Brahmana to live he should follow Vaishya hence we will become Vaishya and do our daily chores here finally becoming a Shudra we can be independent and do our tasks like cleaning , washing and serving .

To live life we should be in all casts we should respect all casts.

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